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    Our coffee services will supply your staff with their choice of the finest brewed coffee's or hot beverages. Some of the options include Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla, etc.


    Our gourmet coffee machine can make cappuccino's, an Italian coffee drink that is traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam.

  • Calgary based Bruhub imports designed and manufactured Italian single serve coffee machines to North American businesses, organizations and restaurant markets. We also offer regular coffee brewers, eco-friendly capsules and pod machines to accommodate different types of businesses.

    We provide sophisticated, yet simple to use, coffee machine at "no charge" to the customers. Fresh roasted whole beans and all the products required to create the finest hot beverages like, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, and Americano. As well as specialty non-caffeinated products such as hot chocolate, vanilla and tea

    No waste - our product is eco-friendly. eco-friendly logo

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    Gourmet Italian coffee machines

    Bruhub’s single serve gourmet Italian coffee machines makes everything like, Americano, Latte’s, Cappuccino’s, Mochaccino, French Vanilla and Hot Chocolate.

    A selection of tea’s and assortment of other hot beverages is also available so there’s something for everyone.

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    Bruhub’s only compact single serve Italian coffee machine which makes 8 different types of coffee beverages like, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, and more. It also offers decaf coffee doubling the hot beverage choices.

    Style, and simplicity is synonymous with Compatto. It is small in size and light making it easy to position into location and move around.

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    Eccellenza Touch

    It has a revolutionary new paperless brewer that produces only environmentally friendly coffee grounds. It offers more than 12 different types of hot beverages from Latte to Cappuccino to Americano to Espresso with 3 brewing strengths and 3 cup sizes to accommodate everyones taste.

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    Mr. Pod

    Perfectly brewed POD coffee with 5 programmable recipes for brewing your coffee just the way you like it. It’s new innovative mechanism accommodates the widest selection of PODS and makes brewing simple and intuitive.

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    Mr. Capsule

    It uses environmentally friendly capsules and has programmable taste profiles to brew a fresh cup of coffee for everyone. It provides you the freedom to choose the right brewing medium for you and your staff.

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    Coffee Brewer

    Bruhub provides ground coffee with different blend options in sizes from 1.5oz – 3oz per bag. When combined with Bunn SmartWave technology brewer the coffee smells great with its aroma and tastes fresh.



    Set up a trial run to taste our delicious coffee.

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    Set up a trial run to taste our delicious coffee.

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  • What our Clients are Saying

  • BruHub definitely has far better coffee compared to all pods / other types of coffee machines out there. It is easy to use and our clients LOVE the quality and taste. BruHub is giving some strong competition to other expensive coffee providers by providing a really good product at a reasonable price.


  • 5 Star Coffee Machine and services. Bruhub really helped our company save money while still offering our company a range of drink options for all of our clients and staff.

    E. Gillan

  • We love that this company offers you the choice between a local Calgary coffee supplier or the more mainstream coffee such as Starbucks.


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